MooDoggie Music!


In 2017, Mel completed a full-length MooDoggies album with the help of two wonderfully talented ladies, Rose Davis and Karel Sloane-Boekbinder, better known to fans as the MooDoggie Diva and the Explorin' MooDoggie.

Although Rose and Karel have left the farm, they will always be part of the MooDoggie family! Their wonderful musical contributions are here for all to enjoy.

A description of each song is below, and the work is available on CD, download, and streaming services.

If you are wondering about new MOOsic, please request Mel + MooDoggies at your local library, kids museum, or festival. He has new music about princesses, platypi, nerds and even Kardashians! (Seriously. Go check if the Wiggles or Imagination Movers ever covered her as subject matter!)

All the figures on the CD cover have either appeared in one of Mel's books, on one of his t-shirts, or in a Mel+MooDoggies song/ skit.

A look at MWOMP!, the MooDoggies' full-length musical release, available now on most streaming services, as well as iTunes and Amazon.