Booking dem MooDoggies

Are you located in Louisiana and have a krewe of kiddos to entertain? Let Mel and his MooDoggies rock your herd for you! With top-notch talent and ability to customize shows with event-specific songs and skits, we can develop a show that keeps both kids and their parents entertained throughout!

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Let Mel and His rotating band of MooDoggie musicians come to the rescue. We have experience at libraries, summer camps, and schools from all over LA and MS! Not only will the kiddos soak up original songs and stories, but the MooDoggies bring the Ice Cream Cow mascot along, too. And since we are a family-centered band, well that means that Mom and Dad get in on the action, too. We promise there will be enough humor and fun to keep the big people laughing as well... sometimes, louder than their kids!

Best for: camps, library programs, private parties (including birthdays), children's attractions (zoos, museums, etc), fairs and festivals.


The dreaded 'E' word... don't worry, the 'Education' part of Mel's classroom appearances will be our secret!

This year, Chief MooDoggie Mel is teaming up with the one and only Ms. Crawfish Cutie Pie to bring the learning to your class in a way that they'll never forget. Together, the Chief and the Cutie Pie have decades of classroom experience, as they were both teachers well before the Cow came along.

For smaller fry (appropriate for Pre-K -- 3rd), please allow the performers to bring the world of the Ice Cream Cow into your class. We'll read the book together, sing the songs, and get a bit silly along the way. We'll have fun with rhyming, recognizing sight words, and learning lessons on citizenship issues such as taking care of the environment and making friends.

Older students (3rd-8th) will learn about Louisiana: The Wild, The Weird, and The Wacky. We will take a trip around the state, learning some bizarre, but age-appropriate, fun facts along the way. This one stars... Well, this one stars the kids as we have a blast not only with songs and stuff, but also skits featuring the students, themselves! It's the goal for the Cutie Pie and Chief MooDoggie Mel to drag the shy ones out of their shell!

Best for: Unique classroom lessons, grade level programs, and Title I reading programs. 




Chief MooDoggie Mel is available for libraries and schools at all grade levels for storytime readings from his books, and discussions on the writing and artistic process.

Of course, booksignings are a specialty.

But wait! There's more!

Mel has been known to remove the top hat and the purple jacket, and talk to groups of 'big people' about a multitude of subjects.

The faith-and-football non-fiction book Sharpened Iron, is an incredible  bayou tale of grace, race, and small-town football. He is always up to talking about the little prep football game in Ville Platte, LA (smack dab in Cajun Country) which has been featured on ESPN, blessed by Pope John Paul II, and awarded by Tony Dungy. The whole story reads like Facing The Giants, with a little boudin thrown in.

Churches and Christian organizations may be interested in this work and also An Ice Cream Cow H.O.L.I.D.A.Y., which brings the true Christmas message to an entire new generation. Mel would be glad to schedule a reading for the kiddos on this one, or a discussion with parents about his motivation for writing the tale!

Lastly, Mel can also speak to your school or civic group on the creative process behind his books and art, or his experience as an (Associated Press, Louisiana Press Association) award-winning journalist and artist.

Best for: schools, libraries, civic and Christian organizations.



If you just need something cute, cuddly, and fuzzy, our Cow has no problem appearing at your event or riding on your parade float.

Best for: Any place that's not a BBQ Brisket cookoff. The cow gets a little shy around those.



Having a Christmas party for the kiddos? Mel and the MooDoggies have a special show just for you. This is a special year, too, as the Ice Cream Cow has her own Christmas book coming out!

Let us entertain you with a show that includes skits and songs custom-made for the holiday season, including traditional favorites and spoofs of familiar songs, like "Frosty in NOLA" and "Jingle Bells (New Orleans heatwave version)", plus a stories and skits about the season.

Oh yeah, and we know the man in the red suit, too, and just might to be able to coax him out of his workshop!

Shows are customizable for both general and Christian audiences, too.

Best for: Almost anywhere, as long as you're not on the naughty list.


Do you have an opportunity or idea not listed here? Please share! Mel would be excited to work with you on your event or concept.


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