Ladies and Gentlemen, Mel, the MooDoggie Chief

Mel LeCompte, Jr. --

"Chief MooDoggie"

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Chief MooDoggie Mel, leader of the MooDoggies, is played by Mel LeCompte, Jr. His Ice Cream Cow invention came completely at random.

"It was way back in 2007," he recalls. "I was in a Goth band -- of all things -- at the time. My daughter, Matraca, was six years old.We was listening to the Disney radio station on the old XM satellite radio. She asked, "Dad, when are you going to write us a song?"

"I'm too busy writing songs about druids and stuff," is what he wanted to say. "When Daddy thinks of something, you'll know," is what was actually said.

Driving past a farm a week later, little MayCee looked at her dad and asked, "Are those the cows that make ice cream?"

He immediately started bouncing around ideas with both MayCee and older sister Krystin, as well as his wife, Michelle. By the time the HHR was parked in the driveway, a song was born.

Mel's job as the Chief MooDoggie is a full-time endeavor, although he still finds time to teach art enrichment in various classrooms and studios in and around New Orleans. His pedigree in art includes stints as instructor in one of those 'Twisty-Painty' franchises, and editorial cartoonist for several magazines and newspapers in the Lafayette, LA area.

In 2000 and 2001, he won back-to-back "Best Editorial Cartoon" awards from the Louisiana Press Association for his work. He is also a retired educator with 23+ years in the classroom.


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